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ReSound OMNIA 5 MiniRIE Rechargeable

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2 Year Warranty
Product name
ReSound OMNIA 5 MiniRIE Rechargeable
The ReSound OMNIA are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with low energy consumption that allows them to give you their best sound for up to 30 hours depending on the time of streaming use.
  • No of Channels 12

  • Receiver: M & RIE

  • Directionality: Binaural Directionality III (Special Sense), Multi Scope

  • Soft Switching: Sync

  • Automatic Environment Adaption: Environmental Optimizer

  • Noise Tracker II

  • Wind Guard

  • Expansion

  • Impulse Noise Reduction

  • Sound Shaper

  • Chipset Generation: Gen 6+

  • Feedback Management: Type-DFS Ultra III and have Music Mode

  • Synchronized Acceptance Manager

  • Tinnitus Sound Generator

  • Synchronized Push Button & Volume Control

  • Ear to Ear Communication

  • Direct Audio Streaming (Made for Apple & Android ASHA)

  • Resound TV streamer2, Multi Mic, Unite Phone Clip, Unite Remote Control2

  • Wireless premium charger

  • Smart 3D App

  • Resound Assist Live


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